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Letter writing


The Centenary of ANZAC from 2014 – 2018 will provide you and your students with many opportunities to remember the brave men and women who participated in World War I (WWI), and specifically, the Gallipoli campaign.

This section of the Centenary education website provides your students with a Letter writing research project that has the following aspects:

  1. Students research a local person who served in WWI, in particular in the Gallipoli campaign.
  2. Students record their research findings.
  3. Students then practise their letter-writing skills and how to correctly address an envelope.
  4. Students write a letter to another student at their school telling him/her what they discovered about the WWI service man or women they researched.
  5. Letters are exchanged under the management of classroom teachers. A template of an Australia Post posting box has been provided, so that students can construct a posting box and ‘post’ their letters, ready for exchanging with another class.

    Posting box instructions and template

This project is designed to provide you with a wonderful English and History based activity for your students, involving the gathering and recording of information followed by writing a personal letter in the correct format.

The purpose of this activity is for students to be able to share the information they have discovered about their local WWI veterans with students from another class, while practising their letter writing skills.

The complete letter writing research project document is available in PDF format.