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16th Battalion cross-curricular lesson ideas


  • Students to use photos, drawings, headlines, articles, etc. to create a class ‘16th Battalion’ or ‘World War I’ wall.
  • Students to write a letter or journal entry from the perspective of a 16th Battalion soldier. Using an expressive writing style, explain the sights, sounds and feelings that the soldiers may have experienced.
  • Students to read ‘The 16th Battalion’ background information, highlight any unfamiliar terms or phrases, then find out what they mean. Once they have done this, students to summarise the information in their own words.
  • Students to complete the ‘16th Battalion KWL chart’ to record what they know, want to know and have learnt about the 16th Battalion.
  • Students to read ‘The 16th Battalion’ background information and complete the ‘16th Battalion cloze activity’.
  • Students to complete the ‘16th Battalion word challenge’.


  • Students to gather data and statistics about World War I and present it in graph format.
  • Students to calculate the distance travelled by the 16th Battalion, from Australia to Gallipoli.

Humanities and Social Sciences


  • Students to use the internet or books to find out more about the living conditions of soldiers serving in World War I.
  • Students to discover which other battalions served during World War I.
  • Students to research the various modes of transport used in the early 1900s. Consider how the troops travelled between Australia, the Middle East and Europe. How long would the journeys have taken?
  • Students to create a timeline of World War I, including some events involving the 16th Battalion.
  • Students to select a member of the 16th Battalion and compile a profile of his life.


  • Students to create a diorama of Anzac Cove.
  • Students to select one of the places visited by the 16th Battalion, locate it on a world map, then research to find out more about it.


  • Students to find out which medals were awarded to members of the 16th Battalion. What materials were used to manufacture the medals? Why do you think these materials were used?
  • Students to play the ‘Centenary education board game’.

Health and Physical Education

  • Students to research what training the soldiers needed to undertake to prepare for battle, then design their own fitness circuit, based on the training, to share with the class.

The Arts

  • Students to find images relating to the 16th Battalion. Use computer software to create a photo story with appropriate music.
  • Students to locate images of World War I (people, places etc.). Discuss the similarities and differences in the images, how they make students feel and what they tell us about the conflict.